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Rock Balancing

Mindfulness-based Interventions

Mindfulness is "a way of being', where we learn to pay attention to our present moment experience, without trying to change things or keep them as they are; mindfulness can be likened to a flowing river, ever changing and never the same, but still a river.  This analogy resonates with our internal psychological weather and our lives more generally, as human beings.

Mindfulness invites you to explore your difficulties, common to all humans, to learn to relate to these struggles in a different and more skilful way.  The courses will teach you to experience situations for what they are in the present moment, without getting caught up in storylines that our minds (often unhelpfully) create for us - this is just what minds do, it is their function, just like the function of your kidneys is to make urine!  Mindfulness-based approaches will teach skills, such as radical acceptance of your situation and this will give you an ability to relate your present moment experiences, in a more skilful manner.

Image by Rajshri Bharath KS

"Mind & Umbrella have one thing in common, they are useful when they are open; otherwise they increase our burden”

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