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Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy for Depression (MBCT)

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression (MBCT) is a program designed to help individuals manage depresssion and anxiety.  The MBCT course is designed to help individuals manage symptoms of depression.  Evidence-based clinical guidance used in the UK by the NHS, shows MBCT to be a highly effective therapeutic practice in the prevention of depressive relapse and in treating other psychological conditions, including anxiety and stress-related conditions. 


The MBCT course delivers content and outcomes akin to other mindfulness courses.  It offers learning new ways of dealing with anxiety and depression within a group that shares a lived experience of these problems.  Participants are taught to process their experiences without judgement, moment-by-moment, just as it unfolds.  This profound shift of you relate to difficult thoughts and feelings is a game changer - it becomes possible to accept yourself just as you are and to drop the critical self-judgement that so often fuels and maintains depression.

In addition to the standard 9-week MBCT course, Alison also provides individual one-to-one mindfulness and hypntherapy sessions that can be delivered via a range of platforms, including online, in person or hybrid to help with other issues that you may be facing or goals that you are seeking to achieve.



Course Structure

Weekly sessions are typically two and a half hours long, conducted in a closed small group setting.  This means that new participants cannot join after the course commences.  


There is a silent day of practice, which is held between weeks five and eight, usually on a Friday or weekend.  It offers the opportunity to practice mindfulness for longer periods in a retreat-like setting, which fundamentally deepens your practice experience.

Home Practice

Each session teaches a new skill that is a significant building block to the next.  It is essential to practice each skill at home before the next session.


You will need to set aside forty five minutes each day for this.  Please ensure you dedicate time for home practice.


You will be provided with handbooks and audio-guides needed to complete home practice via an online platform. 

Pre-Course Interview

Before being commiting to a mindfulness course, you will need to attend a 2.5 hour 'taster' session followed by a pre-course interview; there is no charge to you for this session.


The pre-course interview gives you a chance to personally meet and discuss your motivation for joining the course.  The teacher will have a discussion with you to determine if the programme is suited to your present life circumstances before any commitment to join is made.

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