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About Flourish

Flourish is run by Dr Alison Noscoe, a fully insured and qualified, practising, medical doctor who also specialises and practises as a Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner. 

Meet Alison

I gained a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Manchester University in the late 90s and soon after decided to embark on medical training.  In 2008, I qualified as a medical doctor at Leeds University, and began training as a general practitioner in family medicine.

In my medical practice, I witnessed how common it is for psychological factors to influence and/or drive many of the illnesses we suffer.  Said differently, sometimes our way of dealing with personal difficulty, exacerbates and compounds our troubles.  We can easily get stuck and overwhlemed by the strain and uncertainty of life; it can sometimes feel an ordeal just to be alive.  Such problems are not adequately addressed by the traditional medical training model.  To wholeheartedly support people towards wellbeing as a GP, I felt additional holistic skills would be needed for me to provide to do this.  So in 2010, into the toolbox, went these skills and I gained vital competencies to support, enhance and compliment my GP skills, by qualifying as a hypnotherapist and learning neurolinguistic programming.

Alison Noscoe
BAMBA Registered Teacher

On a separate note, during my time as a medical student, I joined a Buddhist meditation group.  To date, I continue this practice.  Consequently, I had opportunity to personally experience the power of regular mindfulness practice.  I noticed how it supported my wellbeing and positively coloured my relationships in so many ways.  I became increasingly steady, connected, and joyful, even in the face of external pressures.  I experienced how this 'way of being', led to stronger and better connections to myself, with others and the natural world around me.  I experienced more kindness, heartfelt compassion and ease of authenticity.  Importantly, I also discovered after periods when I dropped regular meditation practice, for whatever reason, my ability to stay balanced and effectively manage stress diminished and life became duller all round.   These are just a few of the jewels I personally discovered on the path of mindfulness through meditation practice over the past twenty five years.


Anyway, in 2016 when I learned I could professional share these gifts with others by training to beome a mindfulness teacher, I jumped straight in and embarked upon a Masters degree in Teaching and Mindfulness at Bangor University.  I have been delivering mindfulness-based intervention courses ever since, alongside my continuing medical and hypnotherapy work.


I am so grateful to have a regular meditation practice that continues to grow and flourish; for me, the practice has provided resilience and sustenance throughout my life and career.  I liken it to a best friend, reliable, consistent and trustworthy, forever present as a witness through my life's journey, come rain or shine, for the good times and the bad, always with me, wherever I go.


There is a place for you too.  Mindfulness welcomes you.  You are invited.  Come dip your toes into the river of mindfulness.  Come take your seat.  Be present for life - you only have one and none of us know when it will be over.  Enjoy living in this moment so we can flourish.  The invitation is yours. 

Why not book in for a free 15 minute consultation telephone call before committing?


"'You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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