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Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is one of the most well recongised mindfulness courses going and it has been taught worldwide since the late 1970s.  The MBSR course teaches essential skills of mindfulness practice to empower participants to take an active role in their own wellbeing.  Clinically-based evidence proves this course helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety by teaching skills that enhance resilience and mental flexibility so that you have a greater capacity for coping with the challenges of everyday life that if ignored can lead to stress and mental illness.


Do you want to reduce stress levels, improve your wellbeing and experience greater enjoyment of life? Then, the MBSR course is for you! You will learn meditation and other techniques that support and improve your wellbeing, with effects lasting beyond the course for a lifetime.  

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What you will learn in the MBSR Course:

  • A variety of formal and informal mindfulness practices that involve bringing present moment awareness to experience.

  • The physiology of stress and intimate recognition of your personal stress signature signs, along with mindfulness techniques to help better manage your stress reactions.

  • How to recognise the habitual patterns of reacting, such as worrying and self-criticism that often cause us to experience even more stress, on top of the primary stress.

  • Skills to self-regulate mood states, for example,  how to press "the pause button" in challenging situations,  so that you create a space to respond skilfully to stressful situations rather than reacting in ways that may be unskilfull and harmful to you.

  • Learn to relate to yourself with a more accepting, kindly and compassionate manner that will foster an increased ability to self-care.

  • Recognising that you can choose be supportive of yourself, regardless of what is happening around you, so that it becomes natural to ask "how can I best take care of myself, right now?  What do I need in this moment to support and nourish myself?" 

  • Building more mindful, and thus more creative and joyful, resulting in improved communication, connections and relationships with yourself, others and your environment.

  • To develop practical self-care tools that will help you thrive, to perform at your best, to build resilience, so that you can FLOURISH in life and in connection with others. 

In addition to the MBSR course, Alison also provides bespoke group sessions, individual one-to-one sessions and a full range of hypnotherapy services that can be delivered online, face-to-face or hybrid.  Alison has provided services to a range of clients, including internationally based clients, and can tailor courses to the requirements needed by individuals or organisations who seek to infuse their daily lives and organisation with a mindful way of being.  

The door is open, your seat awaits, take the first step to being in charge of your personal wellbeing.  Contact FLOURISH today.


Course Structure

Weekly sessions are typically two and a half hours long, conducted in a closed small group setting.  This means that new participants cannot join after the course commences.  


There is a silent day of practice, which is held between weeks five and eight, usually on a Friday or weekend.  It offers the opportunity to practice mindfulness for longer periods in a retreat-like setting, which fundamentally deepens your practice experience.

Home Practice

Each session teaches a new skill that is a significant building block to the next.  It is essential to practice each skill at home before the next session.


You will need to set aside forty five minutes each day for this.  Please ensure you dedicate time for home practice.


You will be provided with handbooks and audio-guides needed to complete home practice via an online platform. 

Pre-Course Interview

Before being commiting to a mindfulness course, you will need to attend a 2.5 hour 'taster' session followed by a pre-course interview; there is no charge to you for this session.


The pre-course interview gives you a chance to personally meet and discuss your motivation for joining the course.  The teacher will have a discussion with you to determine if the programme is suited to your present life circumstances before any commitment to join is made.

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