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Mindfulness Practice Sessions

Maintaining mindfulness practice requires effort!  Let us support your intention to practice so that you can now FLOURISH together, in our community of like minded people.  You can book one-to-one sessions with Alison, where you will receive direct support and guidance in your practice or if you prefer, you can book onto the nine week mindfulness-based stress reduction course, you could even do both!  The choice is yours to make - will you accept your invitation to come FLOURISH with us - your seat awaits.


If you have experience of meditation or have already completed a mindfulness-based programs, such as the MBSR course, you may prefer to join a group meditation drop-in session to keep your practice alive.  Come FLOURISH with us, drop-in to our regular practice sessions for people who have completed a mindfulness-based intervention course such as MBSR, MBCT or MBCT-L , for example or for those who have a regular practice of meditation, wishing to join a regular practice group.

Join us for an hour of practice on Wednesday at the drop-in session located at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre, Leeds. Sessions start at 11h15 every Wednesday.

Free 30 minute online drop-in meditation sessions to help keep your practice alive!

Come FLOURISH with us!

Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 07h30
We look forward to practising with you because it is only in connection that all of us can

now FLOURISH together.

Join us on Google Meet

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