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Providing hypnotherapy and mindfulness-based interventions to organisations, groups and individuals to help people thrive.

Come Flourish.

Come Flourish

Flourish is run by Dr Alison Noscoe, a fully qualified & practising medical doctor, mindfulness teacher and hypnotherapist.  With over twenty years experience of meditation practice, Alison specialises in delivering and teaching mindfulness-based interventionsincluding bespoke packages and traditional courses, such as  the MBSR and MBCT programmes.  These taught courses are designed to help individuals manage stress through mindfulness practices such as meditation, mindfulness of breathing, body scans, gentle yoga and mindful movement.  You do not need to have any experience of meditation, as this will be taught, as part of the respective course curricula.  Alison also offers one-to-one mindfulness sessions, in addition to group courses, and is trained in trauma-sensitve mindfulness practices.


Alison can provide a full range of hypnotherapy services, using guided relaxation techniques to help individuals enter a focused state of deep relaxation where they are open to suggestion to help individuals reduce stress, improve overall well-being and support behavioural change.

Both mindfulness and hypnotherapy sessions are offered face to face and by online platforms to suit the client.


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"When you start to walk on the way, the way appears”

by Rumi

Discover Our Free Video Resources

We provide a variety of originally composed, non-looped music meditations via our YouTube channel.  These are freely accessible productions composed by Flourish to cultivate positive mind growth.

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